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“Success is inevitable when a law aspirant holds the right knowledge”

About Us

Who Are We

Legal PaathShala is an Ed-tech platform launched in 2020. We are constantly working on more solutions that will drive the evolution, fundamentally changing the pattern of teaching and learning today.

Our Mission

This website has been created to assist law students as well as students who are preparing for competitive examinations all over India to get ahead with the significant resources they need for their educational purposes.

What We Do

Legal PaathShala acknowledges the Importance of study material and that is why we are here to serve you the best visually rich content to enable conceptual clarity and lifelong term retention which is relevant, accurate, reliable, and to the point.

Our 6-D Process


We Discover the best source and gather all the  information from subject matter experts, teachers, books, bare acts, journals, etc. which is relevant, accurate, reliable, and to the point of the topic or fact.


We try to Define and Describe every point in our content related to subject matter in very simple language for better learning and also that there arises no difficulty in understanding any of the concepts.


We Design  these well-crafted lessons from our highly qualified and skilled teachers, assessments along with analysis and recommendations, personalized to suit every student’s learning style.


We Develop synchronized structure and frame every educational material in such a manner that each individual will possibly interpret and understands the concept clearly.


We seek to Deliver the enrich and appropriate content to our learners every day. Every research conducted on Legal PaathShala is highly personalized, and study plans of the eminent authors are tailor-made to meet the need of students.


Varieties of different backgrounds of a group of individuals that often require using a variety of methods of instruction. Learning aimed at having students extract principles and underlying meanings in order to integrate them with previously acquired knowledge; contrast with surface learning.

Legal PaathShala

Why Choose Us?

Personalized Education

Legal PaathShala's strength is its core that focus on personalized learning. This ensures a student gets the entire attention of learning at his/her pace, and of course, the student is learning from the comfort of his/her own home.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Legal PaathShala is an Education-technology firm at the core. RDX (Research Develop and Explore) Team at Legal Paathshala is creating technology in education to bring forth a disruptive positive impact.

Time and Energy Saving

You can completely bypass the wasteful travel time and energy, and focus only on studies from the comfort of home. Time saved is time earned for more productive relaxing activities.

24x7 Support

The student may ask doubts/questions/queries anytime. Every student should feel comfortable in asking the doubts on Legal PaathShala, as teachers are obliged and grateful to solve your doubts along with imparting theoretical knowledge.

Anywhere-Anytime Learning

We believe, learning should not be time bound. Legal PaathShala breaks the constraints of time and place, liberate learning from the limits of time and location. Now even late at night or early in the morning, a student has the liberty to reach out for guidance and help.

Experienced Teachers

Our Elite group of teachers is a network of passionate individuals who want to contribute towards better learning outcomes and performance oriented results.